Thursday, February 18

Favorite Things Party

So my friend, Bridget, had a fabulous party where everyone brings their "favorite" thing to share with all the guests. So fun! So after much decision making I came up with a few favorite things...It was all based on the idea of a beautifully wrapped gift..which I love! So I found my new "favorite" nesting doll tape, some hannah silk ribbon and made some sweet personalized gift tags to share. See how it all came together!

Some of the other favorite things that other people brought...essie's russian roulette nail polish, lip gloss from sephora, beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon from paper source, chocolates from Pittsburgh, Gramma's secret recipe cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and mrs. meyers basil scent soap. Bridget's favorite thing was cooking and hearts so she made yummy barefoot contessa orange pound cake in crafty handmade wax paper, and ordered these heart wooden spoons!

Favorite flowers, drinks and handmade favors from the night...It was so much fun sharing our "favorites" with new and old friends from favorite movies to curse words. The evening was definitely hilarious!

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