Sunday, February 28

House Inspiration

Loving these simple colors in the beachside home...just dreamy!
This playroom is so inviting...I just want to hop in the tent and take a nap! as seen in Living Etc. Magazine

Saturday, February 27

Simple Invites

These precious and simple invitations steal my heart. DIY instructions on how to make yours can be found here at eatdrinkchic.

Friday, February 26

Paper Art

I love these simple custom prints from Almost Sunday etsy shop. I think these would make the greatest gifts for a special couple or the newest little one.

Thursday, February 25

Vintage Screenprinted Plates

I am a huge fan of these vintage plates that have been repurposed with screenprinted images and words on them.
They sell an assortment of these plates, platters, teacups and more in their little etsy shop.

Wednesday, February 24

Gathering and Collecting

I love this windowsill with all these little gathered items. A good way to remember a special trip or house a few of your favorite things. As seen in Living Etc Magazine. I found a similar shadow box at Anthropolgie.

Monday, February 22

A contained garden

I love these simple terrariums from ink peat. Growing a terrarium is quite major green thumb required. Follow these simple instructions to create your indoor garden oasis. They are so pretty and will definitely have you thinking spring.

Sunday, February 21

Felted Sweaters and recycling

My friend, Leslie, got me hooked on felting wool sweaters. Every since then I cannot bare to get rid of any old wool sweaters, I just hold onto them for a raining felting day. Felting sweaters is easy and you feel good about reusing something. First, choose old sweaters that are 100% wool or cashmere. Wash in the machine with warm water and detergent (I like Ivory Snow for this). Then put in dryer, they will shrink a lot, this is what you want. Now you can cut them up and craft away. I think it is easiest to cut open the sweaters along the seams so that you have a flat surface to work from...

Garlands that I created with felted sweater squares, pom pom trim and ribbon. So easy and fun! I used a 6" quilting square and a rotary cutter to keep everything even. I freehand cut out the letters and then sewed on. Pom pom trim makes everything happy!
cupcake pin cushions from felted sweaters.
Felted baby booties from sweater cuffs.
A warm cup cozy, using felted scraps.
Felted sweater pillow covers from Martha
More pillow ideas to create. There are some great books out there to help you create these fabulous felted projects...I like Crispina Ffrench's book, the Sweater Chop Shop. Happy crafting!

Saturday, February 20

Jenny Sweeney Designs at Target

So exciting the second release of Jenny Sweeney Designs is coming to Target in March..whoo hoo! I love this new collection because it is so colorful and incorporates some of Jenny's Bali-inspired artwork. We all at JSD are so proud!

Thursday, February 18

Favorite Things Party

So my friend, Bridget, had a fabulous party where everyone brings their "favorite" thing to share with all the guests. So fun! So after much decision making I came up with a few favorite things...It was all based on the idea of a beautifully wrapped gift..which I love! So I found my new "favorite" nesting doll tape, some hannah silk ribbon and made some sweet personalized gift tags to share. See how it all came together!

Some of the other favorite things that other people brought...essie's russian roulette nail polish, lip gloss from sephora, beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon from paper source, chocolates from Pittsburgh, Gramma's secret recipe cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and mrs. meyers basil scent soap. Bridget's favorite thing was cooking and hearts so she made yummy barefoot contessa orange pound cake in crafty handmade wax paper, and ordered these heart wooden spoons!

Favorite flowers, drinks and handmade favors from the night...It was so much fun sharing our "favorites" with new and old friends from favorite movies to curse words. The evening was definitely hilarious!

Wednesday, February 17

Flower Power

One of my favorite etsy shops is drawflowers. They use vintage vinyl wallpaper to create lampshades, totes, wallets, lunch bags and so much more. Check them out if you are needing a little flower power in your life. I am thinking a cluster of their lampshades would be fabulous in my craft room...

Tuesday, February 16

Puro Corazon

Puro Corazon's beautiful embellished and embroidered bags. I love the last image of their press kit. 

Monday, February 15

Local Fav

So in the wee little town of Libertville there is the greatest bar/restaurant called the Firkin. It is about 30 minutes north of Chicago. The ambiance is top rate and the food is some of my favorite. My friend, Randi, snapped this fabulous photo and I had to share it.

Sunday, February 14

Two sweethearts

So after much time, my cousin Carrie had these little punkins. Just a little over a month old already. Joey and Henry are too sweet for words.  They are so tiny...I just had to share these adorable pic's her photographer hubby took. She found the sweet hats on etsy.

Saturday, February 13

Big blooms

I hate ordering flowers via mail order companies, they are just so unoriginal (sorry). That was until I stumbled upon Olive & Coco! Talk about amazing and beautiful, wow, they have made me a believer! They really know how to make an impact...