Sunday, January 22


I am so drawn to these sweet colors and enchanted images. Maybe it is watching my daughter babble in a little language only she understands, or watching her squeeze her bear Paddy, but something about the innocence of a child is magical. It is so much fun to watch her and wonder what is she thinking about. I sometimes sneak in her room and just listen to her babble to her animal friends. It really is the sweetest noise I have ever heard... xo images make believe, lanterns, little stuffies, bedroom, theatre

Friday, January 20

Rug obsessed!

I almost yelled and woke up my baby when I saw this rug! Really, I am so loving it...Oh course only the amazing and talented peeps at Free People could come up with something like this. They did post a DIY on how to create your own but I am instructionally challenged. And this one has a few too many instructions for me...xo images from the wool acorn

Tuesday, January 17

Happy Birthday!

Well another year has passed and the dreaded time has come to turn a year older. Sigh! But I cannot help to love this Birthday. It comes with it all the celebrating of what last year brought. And what a year it was!  This year, I want to celebrate what every new day brings. I want to be kinder to myself, more loving to my friends and family, celebrate life more, and be thankful. It seems to easy to complain about things I don't like about myself and harder to love what I do like about me. I look forward to this new age, although older, I think I am really starting to become a little wiser. images marshmellow, balloons, cake

Saturday, January 14

Block Printing

I happened to stumble upon these beautiful block print tea towels. I just think they are lovely. Of course, I am instantly drawn to them because they are hand made and no two are alike. Created by a little artist in the UK and available right here on her etsy  shop.

Thursday, January 12

Snuggle in..

It started to snow. And I love being trapped in my home with my baby, a warm blanket, soup on the stove and a crackling fire. There is no reason to get dressed or run errands. It is just the excuse I need to snuggle in for a winters nap. I don't even mind doing laundry on days like these. Hope you are enjoying a little peace on this wintery day. xo image books

Wednesday, January 11

100 day challenge!

My dear friend, Bridget, took on quite the challenge. A 100-day quest to change. But not just to change the way she eats or how many times she makes it into the gym...but to change behaviors. To be kinder, ask for help when needed, to put down the phone and pick up a book, to try a new recipe, play a game with the kids, call an old friend, put away the laundry that is stockpiling in the corner and so forth. Her goal is to change her lifestyle. She is trying to get to 500 points in 100 days. She created her list of what she wants to do more of and gives herself one point every time she does so. One point for good eating, one point for going for a walk, one point for random acts of kindness, etc. So I am challenging myself to do the same. My list is a little different than hers but it fits what I want to change in me. So, ask yourself are you up for a 100-day challenge, if so go for it! Love you Bridget for inspiring me to be a better me! images lakekindness, fruit, quote, pray