Wednesday, May 30

Noosa yoghurt

I am in love with this yogurt called Noosa.  My friend, Lisa, got me hooked on it and I curse her every time I eat it. Because I can eat an entire container (which has two servings). My favorite flavors are honey, raspberry, mango and strawberry rhubarb. It is so delicious and made with the simplest of ingredients. Here is a link to find it at your local grocer. noosa yoghurt

Friday, May 18

a nook

I love nooks and secret little hideaways. I saw this picture and became inspired to create a sweet and magical space for my daughter. We have a great closet that has a slanted roofline and is nice and deep. It has been a storage closet for us for years but after seeing this picture I have decided to transform the space. I just cleared out the area and I am getting ready to paint. I will post a few before and after pics as soon as I finish. Hope this inspired you to find a cozy quiet spot and claim it. ox
image via pinterest.

Tuesday, May 8

cheese crate centerpieces

I happen to stumble upon these sweet images of cheese crates being used as centerpieces. I just love the concept. I always see these at flea markets and end up using them for storing my beads and trinkets. I think I will do a little repurposing and visit the local nursery for some flowers and do some planting. xo
images via style me pretty

Friday, May 4


One of my favorite flowers is lily of the valley. I just love their sweet fragrance and delicate tea cup shape. After my Grandpa Joe died my mom gathered a few of these from his garden and I planted them under a favorite tree in my yard. Now, every Spring when they bloom I am reminded of him. I find it quite magical that they are blooming on his Birthday. xo

Thursday, May 3

Roasted Beet Salad

It is such a beautiful day here. Feels a bit like summer, but I don't want to get to hopeful. Decided to make a little roasted beet salad for dinner with bleu cheese and arugula. One of my favorite summertime salads. It always reminds me of NYC with Sue and Leslie when we ate at the Nose and I first tasted roasted beets. xo  lisa someday I will get you to love this!

Wednesday, May 2

adult friendship bracelets

Was playing around with an adult friendship bracelet (because we are never too old for friendship bracelets) and created these.  They have a chevron pattern with a little sparkly rhinestones attached. I love them all layered together, just in time for summer! xo