Sunday, December 4

Pretty Packaging

I cannot believe that it is December! The fall flew by, and now it is time for Christmas. Love these pretty packaging ideas for my Holiday gifts. Who won't want to open a package all dressed up like one of these. Some very simple instructions on how to create these looks right here.

Thursday, September 1

love our seas

Oh I just love this print, really it is so sweet...And I like it even more because 50% of the proceeds from this sale will go to the National Wildlife Federation's cleanup project. Available on etsy from the

Wednesday, August 24

I'm back

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe it is August already. And now August is almost over. Where has the summer gone? So sad it is almost over. I have so many more things I want to do before the cold winter nights are upon us. Okay, so sorry I have been a huge slacker with posting. I have been so busy with this little angel baby and she is just too precious to take my eyes off of. So I am back, just like school in session. I am redesigning my blog home page... so keep posted! xo

Monday, July 18

a summer affair

So my friend Randi is all about the details and a great party. She had a little summer soiree at her lake cottage and went a bit crazy. So many cute details...she had an old fashion ice cream stand filled with cold treats, a popcorn machine, potato sack races(with red and white potato sacks), and mini pies as take home gifts from the elegant farmer.  The hit of the party was a photo booth she created. Thought I would share some of my favorite pics! xo 

Friday, June 24

A labor of love

Creating this room for our daughter, Chloe, was really was a labor of love. It did not come together easy but it turned out to be such a happy space. The walls are robin's nest by benjamin moore and they are much brighter than these pictures show. I wanted her to have a room that she could grow imaginative space she could play and dream in. I filled her walls with artwork and I just love that influence. One wall hangs our prayer that my husband and I created for her. Instead of a traditional mobile, I opted for a handmade one created by my dear friend. Everything in her room comes with a little story which I tell her about all the time...  original owl artwork jenny sweeney designs, fabric sis boom, doll blablakids

Wednesday, June 22

A sneak peak!

I was inspired to create a boho-style mala necklace after hanging out on the beach. Something you could layer or just wear alone. I was talking to a friend about the idea and she said I should attach a little note with each necklace, which I love. A little calling card with each "gratitude" or "compassion". I just think that is the sweetest idea to give a little message of hope. So these are still being worked on but I thought I would share a sneak peak. xo

Monday, June 20

Jenny Sweeney Designs Site Launch!

Yippee! So happy for my dear and lovely friend, Jenny Sweeney. She has been wanting to update her website for so long now. It was a massive work in progress. But it is an amazing reflection of her whimsical youthful style.  Her new cards (my favorite is "find your happy place") are ridiculous! Her site reminds me of going into a store and finding a cupboard filled with delicious treasures. Every page is filled with inspiration.  You will defintely want to check it out, . Congrats Jen xoxoxo!

Wednesday, April 27

Vintage Lovelies

It's a rainy day here and I find myself loosing track on time while surfing through Etsy. So many amazing finds! Anyway, found this great etsy site called, the Gilded Bee. They carry such an unbelievable variety of vintage treasures I just had to share a few. My crafting brain is running wild with ideas of some little things I want to create. 

Sunday, April 24

Papaya Living Boutique

Recently, Papaya Art opened their first store in Ashland, Oregon, the Papaya Living Boutique. The pictures of this happy, boho, colorful space are simply beautiful.  The store looks to be overflowing with treasures from around the world. You can read all about the grand opening of this fabulous shop right here. Congrats!!! images via papaya blog. 

Thursday, April 14


So I had to run into the Gap yesterday and I spied this adorable sequin and straw bag...Just love it!  I didn't end of buying it because I was in a bit of a rush but I keep thinking about it for the summer! It is such a steal for $49.50! I am a bit of a bag lover and this one takes the cake. 

Friday, April 1


Thinking about how quickly March passed me by, time flies when you're in love. I have a new love of my  life....she is about 19"inches long and weighs all of 7lbs.  So motherhood is keeping me busy. But today I saw these beautiful paper garlands on etsy (I was shopping for my little love) and thought I should share. Hoping your Spring is filled with Hope, Faith and of course LOVE...xo
garlands available here at Mara May

Monday, March 7

Kitchen Redo

Love these open kitchen in need of a kitchen redo!

Monday, February 28

A crafty night!

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with some girlfriends to craft (whoo hoo). We met at our friend Renee's house and it is always such a treat to go to her happy colorful home. Thought I would share some of the treasures we created and some cute pics of Renee's home. Someone is all tuckered out!