Wednesday, March 31

Spring fever

Nothing like a burst of warm weather to start spring fever. Cannot wait to see all my little lovely flowers start sprouting. I am loving these flowery images from decor 8's photostream. 

Tuesday, March 30

Monday, March 29

Rob Ryan

I just love these hand cut outs of Rob Ryan's. I ran across his book at Anthropolgie and cannot get over his workmanship and detail. It is all so inspiring!

Sunday, March 28

A lazy Sunday

It is a lazy day here in Chicago. I think these pictures capture the way I am feeling, a bit dreamy. Love these pictures from isphototgraphy on etsy. 

Saturday, March 27

Surfrider Foundation...great cause!

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. I am a member of this organization and so believe that we have to do our part to take care of our beaches and oceans. Surfrider Foundation has started up a a Chicago Chapter/Lake Michigan. Today is their first event at Barbara and Barbara Gallery in Chicago. If you are interested in attending please go and support this amazing cause from 6:30-11pm. Or check the Surfrider website to find a local chapter near you. People coming together to make change! 

Friday, March 26

Ink and Peat...inspiring spaces

If I ever owned my own shop this is what I would want it to be like...paper, vintage, flowers and candles. I love ink & peat and everything they create. One of these days, I am going to make my way to Portland, Oregon and visit their beautiful shop. The vignettes that they create are so inspiring.

Thursday, March 25

Jen Cornell Studio

So my little jewelry business, Jen Cornell Studio, comes and is very hard for me to find the balance between working, doing the laundry( it is always waiting,very patiently) , cooking, cleaning, blogging and creating new jewelry. I really love working on my jewelry but like any creative process you cannot force it.  I have been working on my website and creating a little etsy account (soon to come). But for now doing a little everyday is all I can manage. I snapped a few photo's of some pieces I created...I am really into gold right now and always loving turquoise. xo

Wednesday, March 24

Hey Zee

I posted about heyzee photography once before...but I just love the colors and feelings that her images evoke. Her prints are available on her etsy shop and they are truly magical to look through. 

Monday, March 22

Sewing party for Little Dresses for Africa

Susie pinning...

Bridget sewing...

I was embellishing!

A group of the ladies sewing away

So this past Sunday, was our sewing was so much fun creating precious little dresses for these girls. So much love, time and thoughtfulness went into this project. Big kisses and hugs to Sue who put this all together.  We created about 35 dresses with so many more in the works. They will be sent to the many orphanages throughout Africa. It was an amazing day and couldn't have been done without the love and support of so many friends and families! We had sewing, cutting, ironing, and embellishing stations set up and everyone joined in the fun. We are planning another party to create more dresses in May. Planting hope in the hearts of children everywhere! Images taken by Randi Heimert..xo

Saturday, March 20

Saturday morning snowfall

Yesterday, it was beautiful, sunny and 65 here in Chicago. I ate lunch outside with my girlfriends, went for a walk, and starting counting the buds on my trees. This morning I woke up and it looks like a winter  wonderland outside. I decided to take advantage of our brief snowfall and snap a few pictures with my new camera my hubby gave me. Although, I am so ready for Spring, I have to remember to enjoy the is really so beautiful! 

Friday, March 19

Cherry Berry Plum Water

I was in the mood for something sweet and came across this recipe for Cherry Berry Plum Water. Yum! Maybe the fact that it is 65 degrees outside and sunny but I am craving a springtime treat. I just love making fresh juices in the warmer weather. Need to stock up on supplies but this one is on my list. Thanks for posting this yummy drink jubella.

Cherry Berry Plum Water
6 Strawberries, diced
1 Plum, diced
18 Cherries, pitted
4 C. Filtered Water
2-3 Tbsp. Agave Nectar or Honey
Mesh Strainer

Directions: Simply blend/liquify your fruit in your blender along with your water. Strain into a medium sized bowl. Be sure to press out the juice from the pulp with a spoon to get as much juice out of the pulp. Sweeten your water with agave nectar or honey. Serve chilled or over ice cubes. Garnish each glass with whole cherries!

Thursday, March 18

Craft Inspiration

I snapped some pictures (on the sly) of my girlfriend Bridget's craft room.  It is so inspiring with all the textures, colors, and ribbons. When you enter her magical little craft space you just want to search through all her treasures. Loving all her fabrics from Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, Heather Bailey and Sis Boom. Whimsical painting by local artist Maria Tirabassi. 

Wednesday, March 17

Sewing party for Little Dresses for Africa

My friend, Susie, read about an organization called Little Dresses for Africa. Where they make dresses for children in Africa out of pillowcases. So she has started, Little Dresses for Hope, where we will be making the same pillowcase dresses and then sending them to Little Dresses for Africa. Simple dresses that are distributed throughout the orphanages of Central Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy. On Sunday, March 21st, a group of kindhearted women, will be getting together to sew, cut, embellish, iron and package pillowcase dresses. We are not just sending dresses we are sending hope. All are welcome to help out from 2-4 p.m. or if you cannot make it you can drop off of send supplies. Please click here to find out where you can send supplies or directions to St. Lawrence Church in Libertyville. We are collecting cotton pillowcases, double wide bias tape, pins, thread, 1" elastic. All loving hands are welcome! images from ashleyannphotography.

Monday, March 15

Saturday, March 13

Graham and Green

Graham and Green is a fabulous UK company that carries the coolest treasures like these featured.  These are some of the current things I am craving from them!

Thursday, March 11


I was looking for a fun crafting project for Easter and came across these beautiful nests on Martha Stewart. I made one for a friend of mine and they were really quite easy. I found all of the supplies available at JoAnn's.

Tuesday, March 9

Raspberry Kids

I was looking at Raspberry Kids because they have these great canvas buckets for organizing with sweet little images appliqued on them and happened to stumble upon these wooden dolls. I just think they are the cutest! And there packaging is just as whimsical!  I just had to post my favorites.