Saturday, June 26

Cruising electra bikes

On our last day in Seaside I spotted these Electra beach bikes. The details were ridiculous! Fringe seats, vintage styled baskets, whimsical hand painting, streamers, mud flaps and all the bells and whistles you could possibly dream up. Such a cool company that really focuses on the details! I am saving up for one of these bikes...the only problem is there are too many styles to choose from!  Check them out here.

Thursday, June 24

Beach Cottage

One of my favorite home stores to visit in Seaside is Pizitz Home and Cottage. I love the mixture of slipcovered furniture, zinc tabletops, and natural wood.  Every time I leave the store I want to redo my house in the Midwest to make it feel like it is by the beach. Someday!

Wednesday, June 23

Seaside eats and cool treats

There are so many fabulous eateries in Seaside. But my favorites are the Airstreams that are across from the beach. I just love the funky vintage airstreams.  My husband's favorite was Frost Bites that serves the most amazing shaved ice. I loved Raw and Juicy where you can blend your own juice on a bike. Another spot that we loved was Fruit Cocktail where they make the most delicious frozen drinks with fresh local ingredients. Barefoot BBQ has the best bites with a kick. You can pick from a selection of homemade sauces from Hot Lava, Pipeline, Hang Ten and Wipeout...

Monday, June 21

Tracery in Rosemary Beach

After a fabulous week long getaway..I'm back. I love coming home to family and friends but it is so sad to leave the freedom of a vacation. I need to make my home a "staycation" where I will be filled with inspiration. Enter "Tracery Interiors" a fabulous home interiors shop in Rosemary Beach that is filled with beachy items, dreamy colors and rich textures. Owner, Paige, was so kind and let me snap a few pictures of some of her incredible merchandise. So many more items to post but I had to make this one first! Thanks Paige!

Friday, June 18

Guest Blogger- Jenny Sweeney

Thank to today's guest blogger, Jenny Sweeney! This is what she had to share....These are my thoughts...I just had this epiphany last night that all I really want is *to inspire and be inspired!* The essence of my existence. It's always been right there before me...but I finally just put it into words. And every day finding it and sharing it. I also realized how many different forms inspiration comes in. I fell in love with this little bulldog, Sophie, at the flea market the other day. Her humongous underbite, and big droopy eyes, a slight gimp in her swagger....she stood so tall and proud and full of love. It reminded me all good things do not come in pretty little packages!

Wednesday, June 16

Guest Blogger- Randi Heimert

 A year with Finley creator Randi Heimert found I these adorable little red and white mushrooms. She picked these up a Target and added them to her garden for a touch of whimsy. So cute!

Thursday, June 10


I'm off for a week to one of my all time favorite towns...Seaside, Florida. Looking forward to reading a book beachside, sleeping in, fresh food, a few corona's and lots of laughs. I will be posting my all time favorite Seaside spots!! xo

Wednesday, June 9

Graham and Green

Some fabulous new things from Graham and Green! How cute is that tee pee? 

Tuesday, June 8

Steal this look!

Fabulous necklace + cool hat! Love it! image from collage of life

Thursday, June 3

Dreamy spaces

Summer is here and nothing makes me happier than eating outside and fresh flowers. Loving the lighting in this kitchen and the beautiful millwork.