Friday, June 24

A labor of love

Creating this room for our daughter, Chloe, was really was a labor of love. It did not come together easy but it turned out to be such a happy space. The walls are robin's nest by benjamin moore and they are much brighter than these pictures show. I wanted her to have a room that she could grow imaginative space she could play and dream in. I filled her walls with artwork and I just love that influence. One wall hangs our prayer that my husband and I created for her. Instead of a traditional mobile, I opted for a handmade one created by my dear friend. Everything in her room comes with a little story which I tell her about all the time...  original owl artwork jenny sweeney designs, fabric sis boom, doll blablakids

Wednesday, June 22

A sneak peak!

I was inspired to create a boho-style mala necklace after hanging out on the beach. Something you could layer or just wear alone. I was talking to a friend about the idea and she said I should attach a little note with each necklace, which I love. A little calling card with each "gratitude" or "compassion". I just think that is the sweetest idea to give a little message of hope. So these are still being worked on but I thought I would share a sneak peak. xo

Monday, June 20

Jenny Sweeney Designs Site Launch!

Yippee! So happy for my dear and lovely friend, Jenny Sweeney. She has been wanting to update her website for so long now. It was a massive work in progress. But it is an amazing reflection of her whimsical youthful style.  Her new cards (my favorite is "find your happy place") are ridiculous! Her site reminds me of going into a store and finding a cupboard filled with delicious treasures. Every page is filled with inspiration.  You will defintely want to check it out, . Congrats Jen xoxoxo!