Wednesday, April 21

Rustic Spaces

Loving these modern sinks with the rustic workbench. Again it is all about the mix! image from

Monday, April 19

Dandelion Ranch

Loving the juxtaposition of beautiful flowers in toolboxes and rustic containers from Dandelion Ranch. The arrangements that they create have that freshly picked from your backyard quality. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 18


Was thinking about one of my favorite vacations...It was to Verana in Yelapa, Mexico. Verana is a tiny boutique hotel that is carved into the jungle. Everything is open to the outdoors...the spa, your rooms, eating areas, and yoga. The views are breathtaking...I went with my mom and sisters for five days and it was truly magical.

Thursday, April 15

Organic and Chic

I love these edible works of art by Sarah Magid. Her book, organic and chic, is filled with amazing recipes and the most beautiful pictures. I wonder if she uses butter in her recipes? hmmm

Wednesday, April 14


Not sure if you dog-eared the Anthropolgie catalog with the Magpie chandelier from last spring? But it was crazy fun! Was looking for some pictures of it to post and happened to stumble across this hand made version from a fanciful twist. Love the DIY step by step instructions. Thought they did a great job mimicking the look from Anthropologie. 

Monday, April 12

Creative Mint

Loving this post from Leslie at a creative mint. Something about turquoise and pink that always gets me.

Sunday, April 11

Sixx Design

Cannot wait for the new show on Bravo, Nine by Design! It starts on April 13th. I love the colorful and modern rooms they create with all the fabulous vintage touches! Getting my DVR all ready! 

Thursday, April 8

Martha Stewart Weddings

Have you seen the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings? It is packed with amazing inspirational ideas. Loving the images from Eunice and Daniel's wedding so whimsical!!

Tuesday, April 6

Flower Arranging

Yellow tulips and roses purchased from local market. I bought a dozen tulips and two dozen roses for this arrangement.
Soak oasis in room temperature water. Then cut oasis to your container size. You will need to soak until bubbles disappear.
I found this box at a local craft store and then stained it. For my arrangement, I cut the flowers about 2 inches taller than container. Place the outer flowers a bit lower to cover up the edges. And the flowers in the middle a bit higher.  Alternate three roses to one tulip.
Almost finished!
I finished off the arrangement with placing about  five curly willow branches throughout. Then I added some reindeer moss around the edges. Curly willow and reindeer moss can be purchased at a local craft supply store, I found my supplies at Michael's. So fun and easy!

Friday, April 2

Beach Daze

I love the ocean...everything about it! But I especially love the colors of the sand, sky and surf. I love homes that reflect that. I am so inspired by this home and the colors and textures throughout it. images from dreamy whites.