Wednesday, April 25

Making the most at the Makerie

Gathered a few pictures of this past weekend at the Makerie. What an amazing experience! So much inspiration,  hilarious times, and delicious food. Everything they did made you feel loved and welcome. My head is now spinning with ideas and I am trying to filter them all. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to share an experience like that with wonderful, colorful and talented women. xoxo

Tuesday, April 24

Fabulous food photography and styling with Aran Goyoaga

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to take a food styling and photography class with Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille at the Makerie. It was amazing. Watching her work was like seeing an artist paint a picture. She is a slave for light and the details.  Every movement is thought over. Where would the spoon be, would there be a glass of milk, what color should the linens be, etc. She does it all- cooks, styles, art direction and photographs. It was a lovely experience. I had to share one of my favorite pictures I took. More to come! xo

Wednesday, April 18

The Makerie

Well...I'm off to Boulder, Colorado. Heading west to celebrate a dear friends birthday and attend a creative retreat called the Makerie. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I cannot wait to be inspired, meet new friends and experience the workshops. I cannot imagine what the weekend will be like. Everything that comes from them is filled with love and happiness. I even love the playlist of tunes they created for us. Already sending out those contagious happy vibes! I will be posting pics once I get back! To find out more about Ali and the amazing folks at the Makerie just click here. 
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Monday, April 16

Color me inspired

Love these amazing colorful images. Feeling inspired and creative. Time to get making a few little things ! xo

Wednesday, April 4

Pink and Grey

I have always loved combo of pink and grey. We just painted our bonus room(aka guest room) a beautiful pale grey. Now I am searching for some pink linens for the bed. Saw a few of these images and I had to share. tea tin, room, paint is benjamin moore pink cloud, garnet hill washed linen bedding.

Monday, April 2

Outdoor Movie Party

I have always wanted to have an outdoor movie party. I love the idea of using your backyard as part of your home, afterall, isn't it? With the weather getting warmer I am adding this to my summertime bucket list.. images from Brandon Kidd