Sunday, February 21

Felted Sweaters and recycling

My friend, Leslie, got me hooked on felting wool sweaters. Every since then I cannot bare to get rid of any old wool sweaters, I just hold onto them for a raining felting day. Felting sweaters is easy and you feel good about reusing something. First, choose old sweaters that are 100% wool or cashmere. Wash in the machine with warm water and detergent (I like Ivory Snow for this). Then put in dryer, they will shrink a lot, this is what you want. Now you can cut them up and craft away. I think it is easiest to cut open the sweaters along the seams so that you have a flat surface to work from...

Garlands that I created with felted sweater squares, pom pom trim and ribbon. So easy and fun! I used a 6" quilting square and a rotary cutter to keep everything even. I freehand cut out the letters and then sewed on. Pom pom trim makes everything happy!
cupcake pin cushions from felted sweaters.
Felted baby booties from sweater cuffs.
A warm cup cozy, using felted scraps.
Felted sweater pillow covers from Martha
More pillow ideas to create. There are some great books out there to help you create these fabulous felted projects...I like Crispina Ffrench's book, the Sweater Chop Shop. Happy crafting!

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