Tuesday, April 6

Flower Arranging

Yellow tulips and roses purchased from local market. I bought a dozen tulips and two dozen roses for this arrangement.
Soak oasis in room temperature water. Then cut oasis to your container size. You will need to soak until bubbles disappear.
I found this box at a local craft store and then stained it. For my arrangement, I cut the flowers about 2 inches taller than container. Place the outer flowers a bit lower to cover up the edges. And the flowers in the middle a bit higher.  Alternate three roses to one tulip.
Almost finished!
I finished off the arrangement with placing about  five curly willow branches throughout. Then I added some reindeer moss around the edges. Curly willow and reindeer moss can be purchased at a local craft supply store, I found my supplies at Michael's. So fun and easy!

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