Thursday, July 22

Soaking in summer

Summer seems to be slipping by and I am desperate to soak up all of it before it ends. I have a bucket list of everything I still want to...One thing that I am doing is putting up a retractable clothesline in our backyard. I have been wanting to do this for some and finally I found a line at Home Depot. I grew up with my Gramma hanging clothes on the line. The memory of her walking inside with her basket full of freshly dried linens is still so real. When we would visit the shore we always had a clothesline and our clothes would capture the salty air and cling to it.  I love the way my clothes smell and the crisp feeling that comes from them when they have been hung outside. My friend, Susie, gave me a great idea to string the line over my lavender. It is heavenly, not like any scent you can capture in a bottle. If you have never experienced it...just try it on your pillowcases, you will be hooked. 

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