Monday, November 1

Cody Foster

Everything Cody Foster does turns to magic! Really it does! He has such an amazing talented eye for recreating those magical childhood moments from Christmas' past. I just love his mix of whimsy and glitter. I never met a guy who likes glitter more than I do..but he takes the cake and then some. I know that Halloween just ended and I am already pushing the tinsel season but I have good reason...Get to your favorite stores early and search out the Cody Foster goods. Trust me you will not be disappointed. 


  1. Hi Vintage Bleu: Thanks for the very nice blog post! You can imagine my pleasant surprise when a friend referred me to it.

    --Cody Foster
    Valentine, Nebraska

  2. Cody Foster & Co. steals from artists. The Pine Cones featured in Real Simple were originally designed by Stephanie Congdon Barnes. See original:

    Is this the kind of company that you want to support?

  3. So very sad to hear that fellow artist Stephanie Congdon's art was taken by another artist and presented as his own. Cody Foster should know better than to steal a person's artwork.

  4. Sounds like Cody Foster's secret isn't magic. It's stealing artists' work and selling it as his own designs.

  5. As has been posted, Cody Foster should not be inspiration to anyone. Please support the work of original artists and designers.