Monday, December 13

A sneak peak- Wisma!

Wanted to give you a sneak peak of Wisma, a new gourmet grocery store. It opens on December 13th! Located in Lake Bluff this market promises to "change the way you eat at home," with all home-made, seasonal items, including rustic soups and salads, sandwiches, pasta, main courses and fresh local breads. The store was built using 100% reclaimed and recycled materials, from the seating areas to the fridges that house our amazing cuisine, all is re-used.  The utensils and bags are made from renewable or recycled contents. A cozy home setting makes this space fabulous! Kuddos to Bob an Jenny who worked on the design concept.

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  1. They are so lucky to have Eric Marhoefer, our former sous chef at 545 North Bar and Grill! Great person, creative chef!