Wednesday, January 11

100 day challenge!

My dear friend, Bridget, took on quite the challenge. A 100-day quest to change. But not just to change the way she eats or how many times she makes it into the gym...but to change behaviors. To be kinder, ask for help when needed, to put down the phone and pick up a book, to try a new recipe, play a game with the kids, call an old friend, put away the laundry that is stockpiling in the corner and so forth. Her goal is to change her lifestyle. She is trying to get to 500 points in 100 days. She created her list of what she wants to do more of and gives herself one point every time she does so. One point for good eating, one point for going for a walk, one point for random acts of kindness, etc. So I am challenging myself to do the same. My list is a little different than hers but it fits what I want to change in me. So, ask yourself are you up for a 100-day challenge, if so go for it! Love you Bridget for inspiring me to be a better me! images lakekindness, fruit, quote, pray

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