Tuesday, January 17

Happy Birthday!

Well another year has passed and the dreaded time has come to turn a year older. Sigh! But I cannot help to love this Birthday. It comes with it all the celebrating of what last year brought. And what a year it was!  This year, I want to celebrate what every new day brings. I want to be kinder to myself, more loving to my friends and family, celebrate life more, and be thankful. It seems to easy to complain about things I don't like about myself and harder to love what I do like about me. I look forward to this new age, although older, I think I am really starting to become a little wiser. images marshmellow, balloons, cake


  1. I love your blog. It's so refreshing to come home after a busy day at the office and look forward to a moment to browse the site and all the fascinating links. Happy,Happy! Beulah